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We provide compassionate and veg-curious people a one-stop shopping experience to demonstrate how easy it is to adopt and sustain a vegan lifestyle. Our mission is to grow the vegan community in Kenya by making it easier to find versions of their favorite products that are plant based. Along the way, we hope to educate people on the importance of a vegan lifestyle for the animals, our health, and the environment. 

We aim to offer 100% cruelty-free vegan items that are either Organic, Fair Trade, Gluten Free or Palm Oil free when possible (*some products we carry use sustainable palm oil). We try to locate products (local and international) that are of high quality, natural, ethically produced and vegan (intentionally or accidentally).  These items range from grocery items, personal body and health, household supplies and much more.

We encourage our customers to interact with us as much as possible by recommending your favorite products or vendors so that we can build an awesome store! Because we are vegan owned and run, we personally test all our products and search far and wide to bring you the best products.  Sign up for our newsletter, which contains recipes, breaking vegan news and new products!


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Let us inspire YOU to make the switch for animal liberation, our amazing planet and your health!
The less animal products you eat, the better - see our feed for your next meal inspiration!

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