Matcha Green Goodness

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What is Matcha? Matcha is the a Japanese green tea powder made from stone-ground, shaded green tea leaves and it is one of the most powerful super foods you can add to your healthy lifestyle. The preparation of matcha starts several weeks before harvest and may last up to 20 days, when the tea bushes are covered to prevent direct sunlight. This slows down growth,… Read More »Matcha Green Goodness

Cacao – The Mayan Superfood

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History of Cocoa: Cocoa was first developed as a crop in many ancient South American cultures, with the Aztecs and Mayans being the most well-known of these indigenous populations. Researchers have found evidence of cocoa-based food dating back several thousand years. When the Spanish Conquistadors arrived in the New World and began the process of invading, colonizing, and ultimately destroying the native cultures, they also… Read More »Cacao – The Mayan Superfood

Fermented Foods

One of the most exciting nutritional topics is the gut and how it can affect literally every part of our wellness. The gut microbiome is made up of trillions of micro-organisms, mainly bacteria, that inhabit our gastrointestinal tract. It has been said humans contain more bacterial cells than any other cells in our body – so we must feed that bacteria properly if we want… Read More »Fermented Foods

veg and fruit in capsule


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supplement noun/ˈsʌplɪm(ə)nt/ 1.a thing added to something else in order to complete or enhance it. In this day and age, we have factors working against us even when we are eating nutrient-rich diets and exercising. However we should understand why we need to supplement, how to supplement and which supplements are best for you. Some of the reasons that we should supplement are due to… Read More »Supplements

Stack of teff pancakes with raspberries

Recipe: Teff Pancakes

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Have you ever heard of Teff? If you have eaten the fermented Ethiopian flat-bread “Injera” then you know what I’m talking about. Teff is an ancient grain that is small in size but packs quite the nutritional punch. Teff is naturally gluten-free, high in protein, calcium and resistant starch that’s beneficial for managing blood sugar. It’s bran and germ make up a large percentage of… Read More »Recipe: Teff Pancakes