How We Are Responding To COVID-19

Availability of products:

Thank you for your orders and your continued support during these uncertain times. As a small vegan business we are grateful that we are still open to serve you. We are open because of you and that is not lost on us. Thank you! During the past few months, we have experienced extremely high demand for certain products. 60% of our products are imported and come from some of COVID’s hardest hit areas. As such, you, our most loved customers suffer for long periods without your favorite items. This is the situation beyond our borders:

  • There is immense pressure in the supply chain system to deliver goods to those in isolation at home in those countries. As such, our regular re-stocking strategies are not working in the normal way due to some restrictions in shipping. Orders that used to take 3 weeks to get to us are now taking much longer.
  • Our international wholesalers have also put restrictions on the quantities we can purchase and they are also out of stock on certain items from the manufacturers
  • Some wholesalers are only prioritizing essential items to serve their communities better.

So, we ask you to be patient. We understand that there are many out of stock items but we are working behind the scenes to find alternative supply chains to fulfill our orders. You will notice that some restocks for your favorite items are now from a new brand – this is inevitable and is a direct result of finding alternate suppliers.

Out of Stock Notifier: If a product you are looking for is out of stock, please enter your email, in the notifier box underneath each product, so that you are automatically notified when we restock the item.


The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak in the WHO African Region continues to evolve rapidly, with several new countries reporting confirmed cases and an associated upsurge in incidence cases reported across the region. The “stay home” messages you have been receiving are paramount to the health of you and your loved ones. Let’s all do our part to ‘flatten the curve’ by staying home (for those who can), wearing masks and practicing social distancing.

As an online delivery store, Vegan Kenya is still dispatching your orders “next day” and we will continue to do so, until we can’t. We are monitoring the situation and will update you with any new information that may disrupt service delivery. Along with that, these are the precautions we are taking to get your goods to you safely.

Safety First:

  1. Sanitizing of all our shelves and storage spaces
  2. Sanitizing all handles from storage units, fridge and freezer handles and door handles
  3. Sanitizing all products right before they packed as well as the carrier bag handle
  4. Stapling shut the entire carrier bag along the top

Courier Safety:

Our courier partner Sendy already has these measures in place. In addition to that, we have further safety measures once the riders get to our pickup location.

  1. Gate sanitizing station – we have our first preventative measure once the riders get to our main gate. They wash their hands with soap and water, dry their hands and discard the paper towel in the provided bin
  2. Upon getting to our pickup gate, we then sanitize their hands and their phone before we hand over the delivery. The reason for this second sanitizing is because we have a set of stairs that has a balustrade/handrail that people touch subconsciously.
  3. The package is set inside the sanitized courier box and delivered to customer location. If you are self-isolating, please let us know using the delivery instructions box – this can be done when you are placing your order at checkout. Request ‘contactless’ delivery, which means the rider will call you once he/she arrives and then leave the delivery bags outside your door/gate. Your safety comes first! You will not be required to sign for the goods.