Baraka Israel, Date Syrup

Great replacement for honey in all uses!

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Also called Biblical Date Honey or Date Syrup (Silan) tastes like honey and molasses and can be used as a sweetener for a variety of foods. Date Honey, from the Holy Land is made from dates growing near The Jordan River and Sea of Galilee. It is prepared  by slow cooking of dates and filtering. Liquid texture and delicate taste sweeter than honey.  Silan, unlike other sweeteners, is unique in that it contains a considerable amount of dietary fiber.  As the dates are rich and readily available source of many minerals, such as potassium, magnesium and iron.

Ingredients: Kinneret fresh dates, water, sugar,  glucose and citric acid


Baraka Israel is an Israeli-Kenyan company working together to bring the best of Israeli products to Kenya.  Israel is known worldwide for its uncompromising quality, special and unique products and its technological innovation and progress. Baraka Israel Enterprises imports top of the line food and beverages.


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