Baraka Group, Sweet Smoked Paprika, 125g


Sweet and Smoky flavor to bring your dishes up a notch!

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All paprika is made from the ground skins and flesh of dried red peppers. “Sweet” Paprika  is made from bright, sweet red peppers, making for a spice that doesn’t have much heat at all. Instead, its flavor is fruity and a little bitter. “Smokedpaprika uses chilies that are smoke-dried, usually with oak and then crushed. Paprika can be used as a garnish, by dusting over finished dish or in stews, gravies and bbq sauces.

Ingredients: 100% crushed red peppers

Baraka Israel is an Israeli-Kenyan company working together to bring the best of Israeli products to Kenya.  Israel is known worldwide for its uncompromising quality, special and unique products and its technological innovation and progress. Baraka Israel Enterprises imports top of the line food and beverages.

Weight125 g


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