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Must-have item for any vegan kitchen! Shake it on everything!

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This seasoning has a savory, nutty, cheesy flavor. It provides great-taste when added to a wide variety of foods and recipes. Nutritional yeast (often called “nooch”) is an inactive yeast grown on sugar cane and beet molasses, then dried and sold in flake or powder form.

  • Makes a delicious seasoning when sprinkled on most foods, especially salads, vegetables, potatoes, rice, pasta and even popcorn!
  • Add to soups, dips, spreads, cereals, juices and smoothies for added flavor and nutrition. It’s “cheese-like” flavor makes it a great low-sodium, cholesterol-free, delicious addition to recipes and foods.
  • Vitamin B including natural Vitamin B12 (B12 from Cobalamin)

Ingredients: Inactive dry yeast, nicain (B3), pyridoxine HCl (B6), riboflavin (B2), thiamin HCl (B1), folic acid, and vitamin B12.


Bragg Live Foods is best known for its organic apple cider vinegar (ACV). Founded by one of America’s original health advocates, Paul C. Bragg. Paul spent his life advocating for healthy living. Carrying on his legacy for the past 65 years, Patricia Bragg has grown the business while preserving the core mission of Bragg and maintaining the high standards for each of their simple, clean natural products.

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