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Use for Injera, porridge, pancakes, waffles  – all gluten-free, all good!

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Teff flour is an ancient grain indigenous to Ethiopia and the surrounding regions. The tiny grain is the size of a poppy-seed and naturally gluten-free.  Teff can be eaten whole and steamed, boiled, or baked as a side dish or main course. It can also be ground into flour to make an excellent gluten-free flour alternative, and can be used to make waffles, cookies, bread, crackers and an assortment of other baked goods.

Teff is ground into a fine flour and is used to make the famous fermented flat bread known as “Injera”.  The Teff plant was one of the earliest plants to be domesticated. In fact, Teff grass is believed to originate in Ethiopia and Eritrea between 4,000 B.C. and 1,000 B.C. Teff flour is either white, brown or red – nutritionally there is no difference. There’s a slight flavour profile difference with brown and red being earthy, rich and robust whereas white is milder with a chestnut flavor.

Teff flour:

  • High in manganese, protein, calcium and iron
  • High fiber (5x more than wheat)
  • Naturally balances hormones, boost immunity, stimulate digestion
  • High in resistant starch, a newly-discovered type of dietary fiber that can benefit blood sugar management, weight control, and colon health.
  • Natural grain for athletes

Home Goodness Africa is locally owned and imports their products directly from their motherland, Ethiopia, so you are guaranteed the best in quality and authenticity. HGA has a variety of flours, from Teff to Rye, Ethiopian spices such as Shiro, Berbere and Absynnia coffees, whole roasted beans, green unroasted beans and ground coffee.

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