Kapthura, Organic Coconut Sugar, 200g


Organic, Low glycemic index, ​Delicious tasting with hint of caramel

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Organic Coconut Sugar is produced from the sweet sap of coconut flower blossoms. Coconut sugar is a healthier sweetener than highly refined cane sugars and has a subtle flavor that blends coconut and caramel. This unrefined sugar, is a one-to-one replacement for cane sugar, making it an ideal alternative for refined sugars and artificial sweeteners. Coconut sugar contains inulin, which is a dietary fiber that supports the good gut bacteria.

Ingredients: 100% Organic coconut palm sugar

“Kapthura,” in the native tongue of Sri Lanka, means “Divine tree” or “Tree of the heavens”. The coconut tree is revered as a sacred gift from mother-nature and we bring to you all the goodness of coconut, through another EXCLUSIVE brand Kapthura. This organic brand, believes in bringing you the essence of coconuts directly from the tree to your table, while preserving all its nutrients in every level of the process.


Weight 200 g


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