Kinangop Single Mother Initiatives, Natural Peanut Butter, 1kg


Great in oatmeal, on toast, smoothies or on a spoon, straight up!

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This smooth peanut butter will shock you because it has only ONE ingredient and is among the best-tasting nut butters in the Kenyan market.  Also, it has no nasty ingredients as some of the leading commercial nut butters have (fun fact: one of the most recognizable peanut butter brands in the world has more than 13 ingredients!)

The Kinangop Single Mother Initiatives is a collective of 6 women with varying levels of education, the highest being a Form Four drop-out.  All the women have their own stories of hardship but what unites them is that they are all single mothers, making a better world for their children with this endeavor.  Their nut butter is natural peanut butter with no additives, stabilizers or preservatives.  The collective make the peanut butter on order only to ensure you get the freshest nut butter.  Your purchase helps support these women!

Ingredients: Roasted peanuts

Weight 1000 g


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