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Make vegan cheese, yummy pies, desserts and even sensory playdough for your kids!

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Agar is a naturally gelatinous powder derived from marine red algae (seaweed). It’s a perfect vegan substitute for beef gelatin in any food application. That makes it an excellent thickener for soups, jellies, ice cream, desserts and more. You need less Agar Agar Powder to make similar texture with gelatin!

  • 100 % soluble natural powder that is Kosher & Halal
  • Use for creating vegan cheese, gummies, yogurt, pies, jams/jellies, ice cream, mousses, panna cotta etc
  • No flavor, odor or color therefore works well in any recipe
  • Pure vegetable based gelatin/ thickener without any animal sources
  • Strength: 700g/㎠
  • Diet fiber supplement with only 3 calories per 1 gram, containing several fibers, calcium, magnesium and minerals
  • Great for making home made facial masks for improving & moisturizing your skin

Ingredients: 100% Natural Agar Agar

Usage: Usually 1tsp of Agar Agar Powder dissolved in boiling water for the 1 cup of water/juice.


Living Jin is a food tech startup that aims to be the World’s number one K-food platform. Living Jin was established in 2016, by the founder & CEO, Jina Kim. The core of the company can be summed up with two words; health and Korean roots. All launched products are somehow related to those two key points. They are dedicated to plan and deliver high-quality food products made with Korean food ingredients and advanced food manufacturing technologies from Korea globally.

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