Lorena, Orange Blossom Water (edible grade)


Enhances your culinary delights as well as your skincare routine

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Orange Blossom Water is an amazing floral water or hydrosol. It’s extracted by steam distillation and is the byproduct of fresh white neroli (or orange blossom) flowers. Early on people discovered that the bitter orange blossoms when distilled would produce a liquid that can be enjoyed as is, or used in an abundance of desserts. Chef’s delight!

  • In culinary applications to flavour cake-like pastries such as madeleines, cakes or cookies and sweet puff pastries. In cooling cocktails such as the Ramos Gin Fizz or in carrot salads along with olive oil, pine nuts and lemon juice.
  • For DIY skincare for toning and moisturizing (best for oily skin). Can be made into facial toner/mists/spritz or added to hair for conditioning and shine. Can also be used in aromatherapy especially for nerve relaxer and sleep inducer.
  • In the household as an antiseptic spray for pet wounds. It can also be used throughout the home as a natural room spray

Ingredients: Water, Orange Blossom Essence

Usage:  use it with caution as it can overwhelm all other ingredients – start with a drop

Weight250 g


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