Lorena, Rose Water (edible grade)


Enhances your culinary delights as well as your skincare routine

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Rosewater is not an oil but is an essential floral water, also known as a hydrosol, which comes from organically steam-distilling the rose, petals, stem, and all. There is a long tradition of rose water being used in medicine, in parts of the Middle East, as far back as the 7th century.   It has so many uses you’ll want to have it as part of your household arsenal!

  • In culinary applications to make cakes, cookies, biscuits, pastries, syrups, creamy desserts and puddings
  • For DIY skincare due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Can be made into facial toner/mists/spritz or added to hair care regimens. Can also be used in aromatherapy especially for headaches/stress relief/mood enhancer.
  • In the household as an antiseptic spray for light wound care, sore throat soother and as a gargle for bad breath. It can also be used throughout the home as a natural room spray

Ingredients: Water, Rose Essence

Usage: If using for culinary, be cautious with quantity as it can overwhelm all other ingredients – start with a couple drops/teaspoon

Weight250 g


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