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Matcha is a powdered, whole leaf green tea, native to Japan. It is different from traditional green tea, both in how it is grown and processed. The tea leaves are shaded from direct sunlight for 3 to 4 weeks before being harvested. The tea is then steamed to prevent oxidation, lightly dried, sorted into grades and finally stone ground into a fine powder. Matcha Wellness’s Superior Culinary Grade Matcha is made from a special blend of first and second harvest green tea leaves.

  • High in antioxidants, chlorophyll, L-theanine, amino acids, EGCGfibre & minerals
  • High content of Catechins that fight cancer cells. Catechins, a major content of Matcha, also burn fats and calories making it a natural detoxifier and a healthy, natural diet agent. It modulates cholesterol level in the body and boosts metabolism.
  • Matcha contains flavonoids that promote calmness and focus. Indeed, it’s a better choice over coffee because it provides more energy spread throughout the day. It has about 30 g to 35 g of caffeine per serving but doesn’t have the jittery effects.

Tasting notes: Robust & more astringent/bitter than ceremonial grades; grassy/vegetal and fresh on the nose, soft & smooth on the tongue, benefits from adding a touch of sweetener to your beverages.

Usage: Best enjoyed mixing and blending with recipes, such as smoothies, lattes and baking

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