Melvita, Agave Syrup Light & Mild


Enjoy in sweetening beverages, dressings and in baking!

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This light agave syrup has a mild, neutral taste and a high sweetness. The agave plant is native to the southern US, Latin America and South America. Although agave is a new phenomenon in the West, it has been used in Mexico for hundreds and perhaps thousands of years, both fermented and unfermented forms. Agave nectar is low in glucose and therefore doesn’t spike blood sugar levels much. However it is still sugar so must be used sparingly as you would regular sugar.

Ingredients: Organic Certified Agave *Mexico

Melvita syrup is made from the juice of the organically grown Agave Tequilana (Blue Weber) from Mexico. Agave head is harvested and cut into pieces for cooking. During cooking, inulin polymer is hydrolyzed to produce fructose which is sweeter than sucrose – this process can take 2 days.  The cooked agave is milled in small sugar cane mills and the milled product and sugary juices are collected.

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