Nature’s Charm, Sweetened Condensed Coconut Milk 320g


Caramel desserts here we come!

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The world’s first sweetened condensed coconut milk! Use it as a 1:1 substitute for recipes that call for condensed milk.  Sweetened condensed milk is commonly used in baked goods and desserts — like pie, pudding, ice cream — and as a sweetener in coffee and tea. It’s rich and thick, with a caramel color and a super-sweet flavor.

Perfect for:

  • Tres Leches Cake, Key Lime Pie, Flan
  • Dulce de Leche/Caramel, Fudge
  • Kaju Katli or Indian Milk Creams
  • Beverages such as Thai Iced Tea

Ingredients: Coconut Milk (Coconut Cream, Filtered Water),  Cane Sugar, Sea Salt


Marisa and Sonya, are the founders behind these cool creations from Nature’s Charm. The vegan sisters who both have a strong passion for food, and love getting creative in the kitchen, are dreaming big.  With the advantage of being the daughters of the first coconut milk manufacturer in Thailand, they decided to create delicious dairy free alternatives with the family’s original coconut milk. They always loved cooking and baking and the dream was to recreate a veganized version of all the foods we used to love. They turned out to be too good not to share with the world!

Weight320 g


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