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Sweet potato flour is made from only one ingredient: fresh sweet potatoes!  It is naturally gluten-free and grain free.  Sweet Potato Flour has a naturally sweet yet complimentary flavor for both sweet and savory applications.

  • Sweet Potato Flour is great when mixed with nut flours, rice flours and traditional white, wheat or gluten-free all-purpose flours.  You can use up to 25% sweet potato flour in recipes as a blend. Sweet potato flour is great at holding moisture in baked goods
  • Sweet potato flour is a rich source of vitamins and nutrients and contributes to the daily nutrient needs for β-carotene, thiamin, iron, vitamin C, and protein. Sweet potato flour provides 14%-28% of the dietary reference intake (DRI) for magnesium and 20-39% for potassium.
  • It can be used to make pasta, pancakes, bread, cookies, etc., as well as a thickening agent in soups, sausages, and gravies.
  • Best-loved by professional athletes and sportsmen who consume it for instant energy and carbs.

Ingredients: 100% Gluten Free Sweet Potato Flour* organically grown in Kakamega

Shelf life: 6 months at room temperature; If stored in the fridge +3 more months and if stored in freezer +5 more months (all in an airtight container)

Substitution usage: substitute for wheat flour in the following amounts; 100% in white sauces, 25-50% in cookies, cakes, and 15-20% in breads.


Onja Foods is a gluten-free solutions product & service provider. We are an agri-processing food company looking to promote healthy-living, food security, and empower farmers. Our products and solutions are fit for anyone and everyone.

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