Pip & Nut, Crunchy Peanut Butter, 300g


Spread it on toast for breakfast, spoon it on ice cream!

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For the peanut butter lovers, our classic roast crunchy peanut butter is a kitchen cupboard staple. We use hi-oleic Argentinian peanuts (the queen of peanuts) that we gently roast and then mill straight away to release the flavour, before adding a sprinkling of sea salt. That’s it. Hi-oleic peanuts are a special variety of peanuts that are only grown in a few places around the world.  Whether you’re a porridge swirler, or a toast topper, we know you’ll love every drizzle, every drop.

  • Great Taste Award Winner
  • Hi-oleic peanuts contain around 30% more monounsaturated fats than regular peanuts, which puts them up there with other heart-healthy foods like avocados and olive oil
  • No palm oil
  • Plant-based protein
  • High in fibre
  • Gluten free

Ingredients: Hi-Oleic Peanuts (99.6%), Sea Salt

Allergens: see ingredients in bold. Not suitable for peanut and tree nut allergy sufferers.

Pip’s Top Tip: Stir before use as the oil can naturally separate. The oil at the top of the jar is natural oil from the nuts that have separated over time. It is completely normal, just make sure you stir it all back in every time you use your nut butter. Our nut butters can be runnier than others you might be used to (we like to think of them as silky smooth). This is because we don’t add any palm oil, which some brands use as an emulsifier (to thicken up the nut butter and to stop the natural nut oils from separating).


Pip & Nut was created by a long-time peanut butter addict, Pip Murray. She first started mixing up nut butters in her home kitchen in 2013, and has been obsessed ever since. The first Pip & Nut jars launched onto the shelves of Selfridges in London in January 2015. Pip’s mission is to create natural products which not only taste amazing but are good for you and kinder to the environment.

Weight300 g


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