Sempio, Ssam jang, Seasoned Soybean Paste, 500g


Umami-rich Korean soybean dipping paste

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This delicious Ssamjang is flavored with various spices like garlic, ginger, soybeans, chilies etc. Ssamjang literally translates to “paste for wraps,” alluding to its traditional use as a condiment to add to ssam when wrapping protein and rice in leafy vegetables (or sometimes seaweed/kelp)Can be enjoyed as a dipping sauce for fresh vegetable sticks, grilled proteins, etc. and in western dishes, ssamjang makes an excellent marinade ingredient and can be blended with other ingredients to make dipping sauces. If making a gravy or stew a tablespoon of this can add an interesting flavor profile.


Ingredients: soybean paste 57% (soybean, wheat powder, wheat, salt, koji-starter, distilled water), liquefied glucose, corn syrup, red pepper seasoning(red pepper powder, water, salt, garlic, onion), garlic chopped, garlic oil, red pepper sauce, hot red pepper powder, fermented soy seasoning(soybean, purified water, sea salt, wheat extract, distilled alcohol, yeast extract), citri-fi 100FG, roasted sesame, ginger seasoning, alcohol, water

Allergens: Soy, Wheat, Sesame

Usage: Typically used as a dipping sauce alongside food such as lettuce wraps, proteins like tofu or added to your favorite marinade

Storage: Please keep refrigerated after opening. Darkening of this product over time is expected and natural part of the aging process. Good for 12 months after expiry date


Sempio was established in 1946, with its name standing as the oldest registered brand in Korea. Since the beginning, the company has been dedicating itself to manufacturing fermented food products – mainly soy-based sauces – which are essential in the field of Korean cuisine. The quality and taste of the products are what gained our reputation as the country’s number one household brand.

Weight500 g


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