Shipton Mill, Organic Soft Cake & Pastry Flour


Bakes the most tender and moist cakes!

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CALLING ALL BAKERS!   Soft Flour/Cake Flour is a low-protein flour that is commonly used in baking cakes, sponges, tender cookies, short-crust pastry (pies & tarts), and other delicate pastries.

  • Made from a soft wheat variety and has a lower gluten content than other types of flour.
  • Has a finer texture and baked products made with it crumble more easily than those made with hard flour.
  • More flavorful than hard flour
  • Protein 8.8-11.6%

Ingredients: Organic White wheat flour   (with added Calcium Carbonate*, Nicotinamide*, Iron and Thiamine *not organic)

Storage: Cool Dry and Sealed Container


Shipton Mill started in 1979 to mill flours from the most fantastic grains, working with like-minded farmers who promote biodiversity and who value and seek to look after the soil. All flours are certified organic through the Soil Association. They craft their flours with an exceptional community of bakers, chefs and home cooks in mind so that all culinary creations shine through.

Weight1000 g


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