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Miso is a traditional Japanese fermented thick paste used for miso soup, miso marinade, miso ramen, to name a few, but nowadays used in a wide variety of dishes. Miso consists of majorly 3 ingredients – soybeans, malted rice (called “Kome Koji”), and salt. Popular handmade miso is ready after fermentation from 8 to 12 months, while some take several years to mature.  Miso comes in different colors and flavors, depending on the ingredients used and the length of fermentation. There are more than 1,000 types of miso, ranging in texture, flavor, and color. This is a version made in Kenya!

Some common types of miso include white miso (shiro miso), yellow miso (shinshu miso), and red/brown miso (aka miso).

Lighter colored miso are usually used for light dressings or desserts as they are milder in flavor. Darker colored miso are funkier so typically used for richer applications such as stews and braises.


Ingredients: Soybeans (Non-GMO from Kenya), Rice (from Kenya), Rice malt “Koji” (from Japan), Salt

Storage: Keep in the fridge once opened


Alphajiri Ltd.  was established in 2016, as a social business enterprise, Alphajiri has worked with local small-scale farmers in Migori, Kenya aiming to create social infrastructure of rural African communities. One of our activities for the goal is to offer them stable market for farm produce. We started as a wholesaler of soybeans at the beginning and later expanded to various crops. Then in 2020, we finally opened a retail greengrocers’ shop.

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