The Sprouter Kit


Grow multiple sprouts on your kitchen counter!

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Can anything be fresher than bean sprouts you’ve grown yourself all year round? A neat sprouting bean and seed system to grow fresh salad all year round. Three sprouting shelves to grow three different types at once and overflow container. This sprouter can be used with any seeds, beans and pulses.

Use your shoots and sprouts on toast or sandwiches and wraps; toss them into crunchy salads; fry them gently in olive oil when preparing tasty casseroles, pancakes; or add them on top of soups, dips, muesli, pasta, rice, vegetables, etc.

In the box:

  • 3 – heavy duty sprouting shelves with a small footprint: Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 15cm
  • 1 over-flow container
  • 3 Packets of seeds included: Alfalfa (30g), Broccoli (30g), Mung Beans (40g)
  • Instruction sheet and HERE for sprouting guide


  • Thoroughly clean the shelves before each sowing (Seeds or beans, especially large ones, may be pre-soaked in a glass of water overnight.)
  • Sprinkle the seeds or beans on one or all of the shelves, removing any that are damaged, and wet the remaining ones thoroughly.
  • Rinse twice daily, with a glass of water, rejecting any rotting seeds.
  • After 3 to 7 days the seeds or beans should be fully sprouted and ready to eat. Sprouts which grow too long lose their flavour. Sprouts may be stored in the fridge for about one week



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