Special Delivery Schedule

The following table will show any closure periods (maintenance/inventory/vacation) during the calendar year. The website will remain up, unless otherwise stated, and you can place your orders in the usual way, but NO DELIVERIES will be done until the date stated in the middle column (Receive it on this day).

Special Delivery Schedules are observed as follows (2023):

Place your order on this dayReceive it on this dayRemarks
PUBLIC HOLIDAYSWe deliver on all Public holidays that fall between Monday – Friday
Feb 6 – Feb 7Feb 8 or 9th*Website upgrades so expect intermittent downtimes. *Orders may be delayed by one day
Opposition DemonstrationsOpposition Demos (aka Maandamano) fall on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We will deliver on these days as long as the safety of our riders is not affected. If it is, we will send emails to notify you that we will deliver the next day.
May 9-May 18May 19thMid-Year Break: We will deliver orders until Tuesday May 9th; ALL orders received from Tuesday May 9th will be dispatched on FRIDAY MAY 19TH
Normal schedule resumes thereafter

You can also see our other special delivery days here: