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A tart, salty, festive condiment with beneficial organic acids!

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Ume Plum Vinegar or Ume Su is brine from umeboshi (pickled ume plums and shiso aka beef-steak leaf). The pickling brine from making umeboshi plums with sea salt and red shiso that impart its ruby red color. Umeboshi were traditionally used to stimulate appetite, help the body maintain the proper acid/alkaline balance, aid digestion and restore energy.

  • Sprinkle on blanched or steamed vegetables
  • Adds zing to salad dressings, marinades, hot sauce, salsa, and dips.
  • Excellent for making pickled or preserved foods.
  • 4.3% acidity.
  • No artificial dyes, preservatives, or chemicals. Amber glass protected.

Ingredients: Water, Ume Plum, Beefsteak Leaf (shiso), Sea salt

Usage: When substituting ume plum vinegar for other vinegar, reduce substantially or eliminate the salt in the recipe.


Eden Foods is the oldest natural and organic food company in North America, and the largest remaining independent manufacturer of dry grocery, organic food. We are the major purveyor of Japanese traditional, macrobiotic foods.  In 1972 Eden opened its first warehouse and established relations with artisan Japanese traditional food makers. Imports of sea vegetables, teas, miso, shoyu, umeboshi plums, kuzu root starch, rice vinegar, rice bran pickles, mirin, etc. followed. In 2009 Eden Foods was selected as the best food company in the world, and the third best company overall by The Better World Shopping Guide. 

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