Baraka Group, Za’atar Spice, 125g


Bright, earthy, herby, and toasty – takes meals from plain to exciting!!

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Za’atar is the spice you need when you’re looking for a spice mix that’s earthy, savory, and tangy! This incredible spice was a rare luxury commodity among the ancient traders of the Silk Road of centuries past. In the past few hundred years, Za’atar has become a must have spice throughout the Middle East with many uses. It is often eaten, for breakfast, mixed with olive oil and spread onto flatbread dough before it’s baked into Man’oushe. It is sprinkled on vegetables, used as a rub for grilling, incorporated into creamy sauces/dips etc

Ingredients: Origanum, Calamintha, Thymus, Sesame, Savory


Baraka Israel is an Israeli-Kenyan company working together to bring the best of Israeli products to Kenya.  Israel is known worldwide for its uncompromising quality, special and unique products and its technological innovation and progress. Baraka Israel Enterprises imports top of the line food and beverages.

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