Baraka Israel, Sumac Spice, 125g


Use as lemony substitute in dressings, marinades and as a finisher spice!

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Sumac is a lemony spice, associated with Middle Eastern food and widely used in Israeli cooking. Once picked, the tiny berries are dried and crushed to produce the coarse, dark reddish-purple spice. Sumacs are grown in temperate climates and thrive in North Africa and the Middle East. Sumac is used as a souring agent instead of lemon/limes/vinegar.

Uses: Use to flavor soup, vegetables and legumes, especially lentils, white beans and chickpeas. Or as a condiment instead of salt and pepper; it tastes great sprinkled on salads and roasted vegetables.

Ingredients: 100% crushed sumac berries

Baraka Israel is an Israeli-Kenyan company working together to bring the best of Israeli products to Kenya.  Israel is known worldwide for its uncompromising quality, special and unique products and its technological innovation and progress. Baraka Israel Enterprises imports top of the line food and beverages.

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