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Make better bread or vegan mock meats!

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Gluten powder (also known as vital wheat gluten or wheat gluten) is a versatile baking ingredient, which is made from almost pure gluten. Although gluten flour is not technically a flour, it is made from wheat flour which is hydrated to activate the gluten and then processed to remove everything but the gluten. As vital wheat gluten is so high is gluten, it is added to baking recipes to improve elasticity of the dough and aids the rising process. It is often recommended that gluten powder is added with low protein flours, like wheat or rye which do not produce much gluten. It can also be added to recipes where there is a lot of added extra like seeds, nuts and dried fruits. VWG is also the main ingredient used to make vegan meat substitute (known as Seitan) which is very high in protein and low-carb!

  • Gluten powder is a versatile baking ingredient for making bread, cakes, tarts, pastries and desserts.
  • A natural and very effective raising agent, helping your bread fill out perfectly and evenly. Especially useful for baking with whole wheat grains and ‘alternative’ flours where a strong structure is needed.
  • Specially milled wheat flour which is high in gluten and low in starch
  • Concentrated wheat protein that possesses a special Visco-elastic property

Ingredients: Vital Wheat GLUTEN

Allergens: in bold

Bread Usage: To help bread to rise and improve texture and elasticity add 1 tablespoon per cup of flour in recipes.

Vegan Mock Meats: To make seitan, mix the gluten flour (1 cup) with your favorite dry herbs/seasonings + cold water (3/4 cup), knead well then cut the dough into slices and boil in your favorite seasoned broth for approx. one hour.  Remove pieces from broth to cool and reserve the broth for other uses.  When cooled, cut into pieces and fry in a pan as you would regular meats.


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